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Elektroplasma was born in Rennes in the middle of the techno explosion that agitated the dancefloors in France. The Rennes scene is bubbling with DJs, bands, journalists and radio broadcasts that inspire the desire for change, freedom, diversity and celebration. The time had come to surrender completely to the passion of electronic and synthetic music. This cultural turning point sees Cyborg Station as THE Rennes’s record store which had a major influence in the musical culture.

After a few years of life in Rennes, Elektroplasma moved to Nantes where electronic energy was even more dense. DJs, musicians, organizers, record shops and fiestas were at the rendezvous during this era of musical excitement. Many personalities and places that have contributed to the elaboration of the sound Elektroplasma and enriches its electronic culture. Many of the actors of this scene have remained friends, living traces of this techno spirit dear to all those who have lived this extraordinary trip.

Elektroplasma has sailed through techno waves parallel to the industrial and experimental environment. The search for a personal sound began: an oscillation between the energy of the dancefloor and the mental waves of extreme music. The differents electronics movements open up a huge playground. The search for answers to the musical equation between experimental techno, hardcore, ambient and breakcore gives birth to the first records.

This is the CD Ambient Cinema, edited by the label of Khaoz, Ytterbium – YB70, which first will give a decisive boost to the entity Elektroplasma. On the one hand, the work of composition for the live comes to feed the work for the musical edition and vice versa. Thanks to Khaoz’s trust, follow-up and encouragement, Elektroplasma asserts itself further in its search for sound. Then arrives another magnificent meeting with Laurent Ho and his new label Uncivilized World which confirms to Elektroplasma that his musical equation is possible.

It is with some emotion that will be welcomed the article by Laurent Charliot in his beautiful book “Rock Nantais”; to see the modest Elektroplasma rub shoulders with all these musical formations was a real honor. A little white stone in the tribulations of a musical entity always in search of its future.