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For english readers, sorry for my approximate traduction. Google Trad is not so powerful 🙂

Scary when your DP4+’s internal battery is empty ?
Ensoniq had the crazy idea to assemble the CR2032 battery on the mainboard, making its replacement complicated.

BATTERY_LOWThe error message Battery is low

PILE The original battery…

In order to definitively solve this problem, a small surgical operation is necessary.
The idea is to put a new battery slot from an old out-of-service PC motherboard and to put it in your DP4+.

PILE_CM1 A battery slot from an old PC motherboard


PILE_CM3 At last, a new slot for the DP4+ 🙂

MESURE Check the new battery…

DEMONTAGE1 Remember to remove all hardware …


Avant l’extraction de la carte, repérez et débranchez les nappes ainsi que les connecteurs d’alimentation avec douceur.
Les broches reliées aux nappes sont fragiles et peuvent facilement être tordues.

CONNECTEURS Détail des broches

Before removing the DP4+ mainboard, locate and disconnect the pads and power connectors gently.
The pins connected to the plies are fragile and can easily be bent.

Rep̩rez bien les bornes + et Р!

DEMONTAGE2 Mainboard ready for upgrade !

Once the mainboard is extracted it’s necessary to desolder the connectors of the battery with delicacy and extract all (battery and connectors being welded together).
Mark the + and – terminals!

PILE_OK Now a beautiful new functional stack 🙂

Once the weld is complete, the card is up, the new battery inserted, now turn on the DP4 + to check your work.
Everything ok ? Go making music!

BATTERY_OK End of problems !

Good music to all …